Arabic-English Translation at University of Birmingham: Perspectives and Predicaments


  • Muhammad Akram Govt. Graduate College Burewala, Pakistan
  • Fahd Alqasham Department of English, Qassim University, Mithnab KSA
  • Amir Barket Govt. Graduate College Vehari, Pakistan


Arab Learners, Lexical errors, Semantic Errors, Syntactic Errors, Translation errors


This study focuses the issues that trammel the process of translation from source language to target language and vice versa faced by the Arab learners. Translation is a fundamental element in life and has played a decisive part in the development of languages like English as it derives from the universal need for mediation between speakers and writers of different languages. The researcher utilized a quantitative approach to find out the key areas of trouble in translating a text. This study has also unearthed the facts that L1 negative translation is one challenging problems for the learners of this level. The structure of the L1 and that of the L2 also present a problem to them. Apart from the above-mentioned problems, finding translation equivalent also involves special bilingual skills to go along with the trend among languages to "lack of fit". This study recommends that the learners should be honed to professional standards in universities and through experiences aided by such tools as bilingual dictionaries.