Ethical Guidelines

Researcher Ethics

The researchers are expected to adhere to the following ethical guidelines:

  • An article submitted to HJLL should not be submitted to any other journal.
  • Any article found to have violated plagiarism guidelines will not be published.
  • All sources must be correct and referenced properly.
  • Data/information should be accurate and reported correctly.

Publisher Ethics
The editorial team at HJLL undertakes to adhere to the following ethical principles during the process of publication of articles:

  • Any misconduct of research will be identified and steps will be taken to prevent it from happening in future.
  • Plagiarized papers will be withdrawn immediately if the same is proved at any stage.
  • Corrections, apologies, clarifications and/or retractions will be published if and when required.
  • Any research which involves misreporting or fudging of the data will not be published.
  • Any research which incites/supports any of the “isms”, for example sexism, racism, sectarianism etc. will not be published.
  • Any research that causes/may have caused psychological/physical trauma to any human being or an animal will not be published.
  • Any article which contains data acquired without the informed consent of the subjects/participants or their caretakers before or after the research will not be published.
  • Any author trying to seek some unauthorized/unethical advantage in the publication process of his/her article will stand disqualified and/or blacklisted.
  • Any article/paper having any ethical issue which the editorial team considers unacceptable will not be published.